Monday, 6 October 2014

The First Public Market on Japan

Retailers is installed in a virtual space or real space (shops) place to sell consumer products that you have purchased. Is called a mall when the shops entering the building of the individual is continuous many on both sides of the road, but Kankoba (Susumu-sho-jo), retail market, professional if you are putting tenants of many in the building of one I say shop district, the shopping center. If the company that operates the building one of them is selling products of many kinds, many themselves, will be referred to as a department store supermarket, clothing and daily necessities is if the center if the grocery center.

Retail market of the public is the first "market sales that have been opened in Osaka on April 15, 1918. Currently, the retail market has been defined by the Act on Special Measures concerning the Adjustment of Retail Businesses, by law enforcement ordinance, items and cities to regulate the retail market has been specified. In Osaka retail market there are many, "○○ market", "○○ shop", "○○ shop", "○○ market", "○○ shopping center" facility name of the retail market such as "○○ department store" has become, the difference between the commercial establishments business category and the other is at present hard to recognize only the name.

In addition, in some cases by paying attention to an item or country or region, is referred to as "retail market" to refer to the entire picture statistical retailers in that range.

Through the study of silence trade, Guri~asun suggesting types such as the following for the establishment of market

1. appearance (Invisible trade)
2. figure (Vu~ijiburu Trade)
3. guests (guest-friendship)
4. figure (middleman trade)
5. depot (depot)
6. neutral
7. armed market (Armed Market)
8.Teishijo (Regular Market)

Guri~asun was defined the market as a neutral place that can interact peacefully human population. Also, I said that peace is saved to a specific location by the presence of the market, it also spread to the person and route to market, the range of peace and to progress further.

As to the origin of market institutions are developed, Karl Polanyi, raise the two regional markets and foreign markets (Inward market). Foreign market is related to the acquisition of goods from outside the community, such as trade, regional market is related to the distribution of food in the community. Regional market is divided into two forms further. In the form of distributing and collecting in the center supplies, first seen prominently in the national irrigation type. In a form that sell food in the region, the second is remarkable to Sorin-based economy and peasant economy of ancient Greece

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